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Degrees & Majors

Real Estate

Bachelor of Science in Business


Understanding the financial implications of buying or investing in residential and commercial real estate is key for students who pursue a degree in real estate.

Real estate brokers represent buyers, sellers, and owners in real estate transactions and must be licensed. Corporate real estate professionals manage properties used by the corporation in terms of purchasing, selling, and leasing them. Property managers maximize net revenues by managing rental flows, tenant retention, and operations.

Students at the Kelley School of Business will learn to analyze and interpret the economic, social, political, legal, cultural, and technological influences that drive the global economy. They will be able to evaluate a region or nation for business investment or expansion and develop a comprehensive knowledge base in each essential division of business.

In addition, real estate majors will become familiar with the basics of corporate finance and investments, as well as other topics directly related to real estate. Courses will emphasize critical-thinking skills to analyze properties and financial knowledge to assess the risks of investment.

The Center for Real Estate Studies at the Kelley School of Business offers support to real estate majors, including offering conferences, lunches, site visits, and the chance to participate in case competitions.


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