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Degrees & Majors

Supply Chain Management

Bachelor of Science in Business


WIth a major in supply chain management, you can choose the area that interests you most and increase your marketability at the same time. And in today's ever-changing global economy, supply chain management is an area in high-demand from employers.

There is a very broad career path for students who graduate with this major. Supply chain management majors work in manufacturing, process industries, the service sector, education, and government. You can find positions such as a buyer, contract negotiator, supplier relations, inventory managers, transportation managers, import/export goods managers, and purchasing or logistics planners/analysts.

With an undergraduate degree from the Kelley School of Business, you'll be able to:

  • Analyze and interpret the economic, social, political, legal, cultural, and technological influences that drive the global economy.
  • Evaluate a region or nation for business investment or expansion.
  • Develop a comprehensive knowledge base in each essential division of business and understand the important relationships among finance, marketing, operations, and leadership.

Supply chain management focuses on the functions of planning, organizing, and managing the flow of purchased materials into and out of organizations. Many of your courses will go beyond the traditional lecture setting and involve real-world projects and cases with companies that recruit here.


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