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Degrees & Majors

Central Eurasian Studies

Doctor of Philosophy


The Department of Central Eurasian Studies offers a comprehensive program on the study of Central Eurasia, the vast heartland of Europe and Asia.

The Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degree programs consist of two interconnected elements: a language of specialization (LOS), which gives a student access to the culture of a given region through the voices of its people; and a region of specialization (ROS), which includes courses on various aspects of the region's culture.

The Ph.D. requirements are subdivided into fields based on the region of specialization:

  • The Baltic-Finnish region (with primarily Estonian or Finnish as language of specialization);
  • The Central Asian region (including Xinjiang, with primarily Uyghur and Uzbek, but also Kazakh and Kyrgyz, as language of specialization);
  • The Hungarian region (with Hungarian as language of specialization);
  • The Iranian region (with Persian as language of specialization);
  • The Mongolian region (with Mongolian as language of specialization);
  • Post-Communism and Nationalism (with a Central Eurasian language of specialization chosen in consultation with the student's Graduate Advisory Committee);
  • The Tibetan region (with Tibetan as language of specialization); and
  • The Turkish region (with Turkish as language of specialization).