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Degrees & Majors

East Asian Studies

Master of Arts


Few parts of the world have experienced political, economic, and social change faster than East Asia.

The Hamilton Lugar School's Department of East Asian Languages & Cultures is dedicated to the study of this rich and diverse region, with courses and expertise ranging from contemporary politics and religion to literature and ancient philosophy.

Our M.A. in East Asian Studies is our most flexible graduate degree option and allows students to design a custom course of study (in consultation with their advisor). Some students may opt to focus on in-depth study of a particular East Asian country/language, while others may choose to develop topical expertise with a focus on the region more generally. Some students may focus on coursework in a particular discipline such as history, literature, political science, or linguistics, while others may opt to take advantage of our diverse faculty expertise to explore a particular country, or the greater East Asian region, from multiple disciplinary perspectives.

The varied possibilities for students in our M.A. in East Asian Studies program mean that our graduates continue on to a wide array of careers, including government, business, NGOs, law, journalism, library and archival work, or further graduate studies (e.g., Ph.D.)—to name but a few possibilities.