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Degrees & Majors

Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation

Master of Business Administration


If your interest is in shaking up your company's status quo or launching new products into the market, the MBA in entrepreneurship and corporate innovation may be perfect for you.

Graduates with this major or minor are often interested in launching new products, securing venture capital, marketing existing services to new industries, or bringing other innovative ideas to companies.

Kelley MBAs are highly sought after; nearly 95 percent of graduates have a job within 90 days of graduation. Financial Times recently ranked Kelley's career services No. 6 among global MBA programs. More than 175 companies recruit at the Kelley School each year.

Even in a challenging economic environment, members of the most recent Kelley School of Business MBA classes have found positions in every industry and at comparable salaries to students in previous years.

With any Kelley MBA major, you will start your first semester with the Integrated Core, an intense 15-week program led by a team of Kelley's best faculty members. Working in small teams with fellow students, you'll receive a strong foundation in business fundamentals and how they work together.

Students who complete this degree program will be able to rise to leadership roles as they:

  • Use critical-thinking skills to analyze and understand business problems for many different functions.
  • Show a thorough understanding of the relationship between an organization and its external market and economic environment.
  • Solve complex business problems and make sound decisions while applying the tools and techniques of business.
  • Identify any ethical and legal challenges that need to be considered while making decisions.
  • Foster diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environments that support operational and strategic objectives.