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Degrees & Majors

Municipal Sustainability

Master of Environmental Sustainability


Our Master of Environmental Sustainability (MES) program is an accelerated one-year, 36-credit-hour degree program that will prepare you for a career dedicated to transforming sound environmental science and policy into actionable solutions that promote sustainability practices in the public, private, or nonprofit sector. In this program, you'll get management know-how and technical training that will prepare you to meet the growing demand for “green” jobs across the nation.

The Municipal Sustainability concentration emphasizes actions that cities and towns can take to maximize sustainability at the nexus of energy, water, waste, sewage, housing, and food. Coursework will cover municipal management topics to ensure you know the challenges public agencies face and how to address them.

This concentration will prepare you for careers in municipal sustainability, including water, waste, and power utilities operator; sustainability coordinator; and manager of parks, forests, and greenways.