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Degrees & Majors

Africana Studies

Bachelor of Arts


The Africana Studies major prepares undergraduates for productive local, national, and international careers or graduate work. It grounds students in the essential theory and basic information about people of African descent that serves as a foundation of knowledge for advanced study in the discipline.

Recognizing the importance of cross-cultural understanding and regional differences of the African experience, it also provides students with a transnational perspective on the life, history, and culture of people of African descent in the United States, Latin America, Canada, the Caribbean Europe, and Africa.

To ensure coherence within the overall major, students must also complete one introductory course and one senior seminar capstone course.

Checklists for the Africana Studies undergraduate major, the minor, and the Certificate in African Studies, as well as the SLA General Education requirements, can be found on SLA's Liberal Arts Degrees page.