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Degrees & Majors

Political Science

Bachelor of Arts

Offered at IUPUI by School of Liberal Arts.


The Department of Political Science in the IU School of Liberal Arts gives you the opportunity to study directly with scholars working at the cutting edge of research. Our faculty are active researchers and recognized national and international experts whose knowledge is sought by both print and television news organizations.

We offer four academic options for course of study:

You will be a part of small classes, with an average of less than 30 students. We pride ourselves in our diverse learning environment where faculty and students interact, ask questions, and deliberate about politics, government, and citizenship. You will be inspired to develop valuable analytic, communication, and research skills while studying comparative political processes, policies, behavior, institutions, organizations, and public opinion.

Our graduates are working at the highest levels of local, national, and international government, in law and politics, and across the business world.

We are dedicated to delivering a robust academic experience in the heart of Indiana's capital city—Indianapolis.