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Degrees & Majors

Applied Social & Organizational Psychology

Doctor of Philosophy

Offered at IUPUI by School of Science.


The ASOP program is going on hiatus and will not be admitting students in fall 2023.

The Ph.D. in Applied Social and Organizational Psychology is an Indiana University degree offered in the Department of Psychology.

The Applied Social and Organizational Psychology (ASOP) program is a full-time doctoral degree program with a concentration in diversity science. It's a unique blend of social and organizational psychology training, making graduates competitive for research, teaching, and industry positions in HR training and development or diversity and talent management.

The goal of this program is to develop scientists and scientist-practitioners through rigorous mentored research and coursework in statistics, measurement, and research methods. The program requires a full-time commitment that includes completion of required coursework, a master's thesis, a preliminary examination to admit a student to doctoral candidacy, and a dissertation.

Students graduate with a firm understanding of staffing, human resources, organizational development, work motivation, leadership, group/team performance, attitudes and social cognition, social stigma, and managing a diverse workforce. You'll apply the theory, methodologies, and data analytic procedures to conduct research on topics relevant to organizations and society.

Understanding your course requirements

A minimum of 91 credit hours is required for the Ph.D. in Applied Social and Organizational Psychology.

Statistics and Research Methods (4 courses, 12 credit hours)

  • PSY 60000 Statistical Inference
  • PSY 60100 Correlation and Experimental Design
  • PSY 60800 Measurement Theory and the Interpretation of Data
  • PSY 68100 Seminar in Research Methodologies of Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Core courses in Applied Social and Organizational Psychology (4 courses, 12 credit hours)

  • PSY I-647 Attitudes and Social Cognition
  • PSY 57000 Staffing
  • PSY 57200 Organizational Psychology
  • PSY 57600 Human Resource Development

Concentration in Diversity Science (3 courses, 9 credit hours)

  • PSY I-579 Foundations of Diversity Science
  • PSY I-581 Gender Issues in the Workplace
  • PSY I-582 Organizational Diversity and Intergroup Relations

Other Required Courses

  • PSY I-685 Professional Seminar in Applied Social and Organizational Psychology (repeatable up to 8 credit hours)
  • PSY I-595 Teaching Seminar in Psychology (1 credit hour)
  • PSY 69800 Thesis Research (4-8 credit hours)
  • PSY 69900 Dissertation Research (20 credit hours)

Electives (3 courses, 9 credit hours)

  • PSY I-583 Judgment and Decision Making in Organizations
  • Other approved courses

Choice of Minor (4-5 courses, 12-14 credit hours)

  • Mixed Methods in Data Analytics for Social/Behavioral Sciences
    • PSY 60500 Applied Multivariate Analysis
    • Approved statistics and methods courses from Public Health, Sociology, and Statistics
  • Legal Studies for Social/Behavioral Sciences
    • PSY I-575 Psychology and Law Seminar
    • Law N-836 Legal Process and Legal Methods
    • Approved courses from Law