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French (100% online)

Master of Arts for Teachers

Offered at IUPUI by School of Liberal Arts.


The IU Online Master of Arts for Teachers in French combines coursework in education and French to prepare you to be a dual-credit instructor at the high school and community-college levels.

You will deepen your proficiency in French through advanced graduate coursework and gain a comprehensive understanding of Francophone cultures and of French as a living language. You will study and practice various language-teaching methodologies, thereby improving your instructional skills and your students' learning outcomes.

Of special interest for dual-credit and community college instructors needing to meet HLC Sstandards:

The stackable structure of the MAT in French is ideal for dual-credit and community college teachers who need to meet the Higher Learning Commission's instructor qualification standards. These standards require teachers to hold either a master's degree in their area of instruction or a master's degree in another discipline (such as education), plus at least 18 credit hours of discipline-specific graduate coursework.