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Degrees & Majors

Industrial Organization Psychology

Master of Science

Offered at IUPUI by School of Science.


The I/O program is going on hiatus and will not be admitting students in fall 2023.

The Master of Science degree in Industrial/Organization Psychology is a Purdue University degree offered in the Department of Psychology.

Industrial/Organizational psychology applies the scientific method to understand human behavior in the workplace. Understanding behavior leads to finding solutions to workplace problems. It's one of the fastest growing occupations in the country.

You'll graduate prepared to work in consulting, HR training and development, and data analytics. Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • Historical foundations of I/O psychology and its core content areas: personnel psychology (which includes selection, training, and performance management) and organizational psychology (which includes motivation, leadership, job attitudes, and group/team performance).
  • Theory, methodologies, and data analytic procedures to conduct research in organizational settings or on topics relevant to organizations.
  • Evaluation of psychological theory and research as they relate to human cognition, emotion, and behavior in organizations.
  • How to apply skills related to the conceptualization, implementation, and evaluation of scientifically based interventions intended to improve organizational functioning.
  • Effective communication.
  • The many aspects of human diversity in the workplace.

This program is a full-time terminal Master of Science degree program. IUPUI has been recognized as a top choice for Industrial/Organizational master's programs in a student survey published by the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology in 2018.

Understanding the requirements

Students must complete at least 30 hours of coursework including 3 hours of research credit.

Statistics and Research Methods (4 courses, 12 credit hours)

  • PSY 60000 Statistical Inference
  • PSY 60100 Correlation and Experimental Design
  • PSY 60800 Measurement Theory and the Interpretation of Data
  • PSY 68100 Seminar in Research Methodologies of Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Core courses in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (3 courses, 9 credit hours)

  • PSY 57000 Staffing
  • PSY 57200 Organizational Psychology
  • PSY 57600 Human Resource Development

Other required courses

  • PSY 69800 Thesis Research (3-6 credit hours)

Electives (2 courses, 6 credit hours)

  • PSYI 64700 Attitudes and Social Cognition
  • PSY 68400 Practicum in Industrial/Organizational Psychology