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Bachelor of Arts


According to Forbes magazine, the top skills sought by employers revolve around the ability to communicate effectively.

The ability to write, speak well in group or formal settings, or develop and execute a strategic communication plan are all valuable skill sets for today's employers.

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication has several concentrations:

Organizational communication

Learn how organizational members and leaders create a strong culture, manage conflict and crisis, and develop best practices. Great for careers in human resources, sales, leadership, corporate communication, and more. View the degree map. View the bulletin.

Strategic communication

As a student in the Strategic Communication program, you'll learn how organizations use communication to propel their mission, build a successful brand, and cultivate relationships with consumers and stakeholders. This option is ideal for careers in advertising, public relations, brand management, and more. Today's consumer expects a consistent experience across all branded touchpoints (TV/radio, social media, billboards, and search engine marketing, for example), and strategic communication provides the platform for this consistency. View the degree map. View the bulletin.


In the Speech concentration, you'll learn the foundations of human communication, like effective speaking, teamwork, and interpersonal relationships. This is a versatile degree ideal for any profession in which the ability to communicate is essential, like management, law, ministry, and more. View the bulletin and degree map.


As a major in the Theatre program, you'll learn the layers of communication through performance or technical training as you gain the knowledge to grapple with real-world issues of integrity, ethics, self-expression, and responsibility. Upon graduation, you will have an understanding of your own talents as well as the skills you will need to turn those talents into a career. Visit the Theatre website for more details about the Theatre program. View the degree map and bulletin.

Theatre Business

The Theatre Business degree allows students to marry the love of theatre with the business side of managing a theatre operation including financial management, marketing, accounting, business, and professional communications. You'll explore and develop expertise in performance and design, cultivate analysis and problem-solving skills, and receive individualized attention from theatre faculty as you participate in productions. Visit the Theatre website for complete details about the Theatre Business program. View the degree map and bulletin.