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Biology (100% online)

Master of Arts for Teachers


Are you a high school or community college biology instructor who needs additional qualifications to teach dual-credit courses? Or a working professional seeking to advance your knowledge?

The online Master of Arts for Teachers in Biology provides 30 hours of discipline-specific graduate coursework in the field of biology, and a challenging and coherent curriculum that meets the Higher Learning Commission's dual-credit accreditation standards for graduate training in biology.

Upon completion of the biology component, students will able to demonstrate fluency with scientific literature, expertise in biology, an ability to develop and analyze hypotheses and experiments, and an understanding of the impact of biology on society. Upon completion of the education component, graduates will be able to engage in the development of rigorous curriculum planning and design, promote college-level studies skills and habits of mind, use assessment data to inform college-level instructional practices, prepare dual-credit students for success in college-level assessments, and conduct research to improve dual-credit instruction.