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EDUC-Z 402: YOUTH THEATRE TOUR (3 credits)


Youth Theatre Tour explores the theoretical and practical aspects of touring a play for young audiences as well as facilitating in school drama workshops. Over the course of the semester students will cover the history and current theory of youth theatre and working with and for youth audiences; script selection and analysis; fundraising; design opportunities and limitations; directorial challenges; management concerns of booking tours and the creation of curriculum aligned study guides. The Youth Theatre Tour class is designed to result in a practical experience with youth through the production of a play for young people, which will begin touring mid-semester of the spring semester. In addition to Monday/Wednesday 9-11:00 class times, there are evening rehearsals and crew calls, as needed. Call time on tour days is two to three hours before the 9:00am curtain, depending on the distance to the school from campus. In addition to completing all course assignments, students will be expected to share additional tour responsibilities as needed, including-but not limited to-loading van, setting up and striking at tour sites, pre-tour site visits, communicating with school personnel, etc. You must be available and responsive via email for daily correspondence and course conversations.