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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics


Studying math has numerous benefits. It helps you identify and analyze patterns, see relationships, and solve problems, for starters. Whether it's basic or advanced, most people use math daily, and most careers require math skills.

Students who major in mathematics—the Queen of the Sciences—like patterns, puzzles, and challenges and are curious about why things are true. Businesses, industries, and government agencies actively seek math majors for their strong analytical and abstract reasoning skills. A math degree also prepares you for many different types of graduate programs.

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics program has two different options: a B.S. I program, focusing on mathematical theory, and a B.S. II program, concerned with mathematical applications that prep you for careers in areas such as biology, cognitive science, computer science, economics, or physics.

From Google's search algorithms to the precise calculations that govern a bomb-sniffing robot's decision-making, advanced math is an essential tool in expanding the boundaries of technology.