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Academic Advising (100% online)

Graduate Certificate in Academic Advising


This is an online program.

Learn the skills and theories needed for a rewarding career in academic advising.

As a student in this 15-credit-hour program, you will study the foundational theories related to student and adult development and how to guide students on their academic journey while creating equitable and inclusive environments for all.

You will be taught how to distinguish between the characteristics, needs, and experiences of various student populations and how to develop your own personal approach to advising.

This program is intended for:

  • Graduates who want to work in higher education, but possibly not the field in which they are earning their degree(s).
  • Graduate students seeking a certificate on their way to degree completion.
  • Advisors who have not completed professional training in the higher education context.
  • Those desiring a credential from a highly ranked university to demonstrate their expertise to employers.