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Degrees & Majors

Applied Data and Information Science

Bachelor of Science in Applied Data and Information Science


Manage the data (or it may manage you)

It takes extreme skills to tame the relentless flow of information generated in the Digital Age. Learn to harness the power of the information stream and navigate big data.

Tap into data's amazing potential for knowledge when you earn a bachelor's degree in Applied Data and Information Science through the IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI.

Your phone, your car – maybe even your fridge – collect data nonstop. Businesses are eager to realize the potential of data at extreme scale.

Specialize in what interests you

Applied Data Science

Develop math and tech skills to analyze complex data sets and solve real-world problems. Study analytics, cloud computing, and information infrastructure. Learn to design algorithms and make decisions effectively, using big data insights. (Plan of study)

Applied Information Science

Develops skills to organize, access, and manage datasets. Study data curation and management, data archives, and data organization. Explore the societal impact of data work to responsibly manage the data we create every day. (Plan of study)


You can graduate with essential skills to navigate a world that runs on data.

Meet the evolving needs of employers in a data-driven world. The demand for data and information science professionals is growing – get ready to put your skills to work.

Earn two degrees in five years

You can save time and money by earning a bachelor's and a master's degree in just five years. The Applied Data and Information Science program provides a path to accelerated graduate studies. Earn a bachelor of science degree in Applied Data and Information Science and a master's degree in Applied Data Science or Library and Information Science.