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Degrees & Majors

Applied Data Science

Certificate in Applied Data Science


Unlock the keys to data-driven decision-making and learn to fulfill the potential of data by earning a certificate in applied data science through the IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI.

Businesses, organizations, and institutions need employees who can capitalize on the enormous amounts of information being generated each day. You'll acquire the skills to organize and manage data through this program, jointly offered by the Library and Information Science and Human-Centered Computing departments.

Our interconnected world, bound by ubiquitous mobile devices and sensors, captures communications and interactions. Discover how these technologies—and the data they create—open opportunities to discover insightful correlations and predict outcomes.

You'll learn to develop data-driven solutions, allowing us to better understand ourselves, our communities, and the global market. Unlocking the power of data enables us to run businesses more efficiently, make groundbreaking scientific discoveries, and promote the common good.

Help to meet the growing need for people with deep analytical skills who can make effective decisions. Careers for students with a certificate in Applied Data Science include:

See the program webpage for the list of certificate requirements (21 credits).