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Certificate in Biocomputing

Offered at IUPUI by School of Science.


The graduate certificate in Biocomputing is a Purdue University certificate offered in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences.

Students earning this certificate learn how to apply computational techniques to understand structures, functions, dynamics, and evolution of living organisms. The certificate program is ideal for students working towards (or already possessing) a B.S. or M.S. degree in computer science, computer engineering, mathematics, statistics, biological engineering, or one of the life sciences. You will:

  • understand structures, functions and evolution of proteins and nucleic acids
  • retrieve and interpret bioinformation from the internet
  • learn principles/algorithms/software for sequence alignment, similarity search of sequence databases, estimation of phylogenetic trees, structural prediction, and functional interference

With the advances of computer and information science, this data is available to the public from the variety of databases on the internet. Analysis of this data with various computational methods to obtain useful information is an emerging interdisciplinary area of study.

You will complete 12 graduate credit hours in one of the specialization areas. After finishing the requirements for the graduate certificate, you could opt to finish the remaining requirements for the M.S. degree (although admission is not guaranteed).

Understanding the course requirements

Complete either BIOL 50700 (Molecular Biology) or CSCI 58000 (Algorithms)

Complete the three specialization courses:

  • 54800 (Introduction to Bioinformatics)
  • 54900 (Intelligent Systems) or 57300 (Data Mining)
  • 54100 (Database Systems) or 55200 (Visualization)