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Histotechnology (100% online)

Certificate in Histotechnology


Histotechnology is a science-based profession aimed to assist the pathologist with the diagnosis of disease on biologic samples from patients. This technology integrates biology, chemistry, histochemistry, immunology, and molecular biology in order to identify cell and tissue types as well as microorganisms, pigments, and antigens. Histotechnologists perform testing procedures that may include tissue/dye reaction, enzyme histochemistry, immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization and electron microscopy. They must be meticulous, accurate experts in the handling and preparation of tissues, as many of the samples they work with cannot be replaced.

This non-traditional academic training opportunity is available to students and technicians in their laboratories. The program uses distance-learning technology to prepare individuals for careers in histotechnology in order to meet the health care demand in this area in both urban and rural settings nationwide.

Designed to provide the nationwide health care community with individuals competent to conduct high-quality histologic procedures, the program provides students with the education experiences necessary to enter a career as a Histologic Technician, to include entry-level competence and eligibility for the ASCP Board of Certification Histotechnician (HT) or Histotechnologist (HTL) exam. The curriculum balances technical knowledge and clinical competence gained in the histology laboratory setting. Program faculty assist students in reaching their own professional goals by providing academic and occupational advisement.

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