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Degrees & Majors

American Philosophy

Graduate Certificate in American Philosophy

Offered at IUPUI by School of Liberal Arts.


The Certificate in American Philosophy gives students the opportunity to study in a one-year program at one of the world's premier places for studying American philosophy and especially the thought of Charles Sanders Peirce. IUPUI is home of the Institute for American Thought, which contains the Peirce Edition Project, the Santayana Edition, the Josiah Royce Papers, and the Max H. Fisch Library.

Because of the Peirce Edition Project, the Santayana Edition, and the Josiah Royce Papers, three large-scale scholarly ventures to publish the writings of an important American philosopher, IUPUI has extensive resources in American philosophy and a substantial contingent of faculty specializing in this area.

The Max H. Fisch Library is a non-lending library specializing in American philosophy and other resources essential for a better understanding of this chapter in philosophy. It attracts a number of scholars each year, as well as graduate students from other institutions who are working on their thesis or Ph.D. dissertation.

The Institute for American Thought also houses the Frederick Douglass Papers and the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies.