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Graduate Certificate in Bioethics

Offered at IUPUI by School of Liberal Arts.


The certificate in bioethics offers a one-year program of study in a rapidly growing field that requires educated and trained theorists and practitioners.

IUPUI is home to one of the nation's largest health-profession complexes, with the nation's second-largest school of medicine and largest multipurpose school of nursing. In addition, the Indiana University Center for Bioethics provides a forum for interdisciplinary research and public outreach.

Students who pursue the graduate certificate in bioethics will have a number of employment opportunities. Some may choose to continue on to a terminal degree (M.A. or Ph.D.) program, after which they can be expected to compete for research or faculty positions. Others may choose to complete the certificate in concert with a professional degree in medicine, science, nursing, health sciences, or law.

Professionals already employed in health-related fields can expect that the certificate will enhance their professional credentials. A graduate certificate in bioethics will be useful to those responsible for policy analysis and development (e.g., on ethics committees), compliance (e.g., in risk management or institutional review-board positions), or teaching and education (e.g., in continuing education programs). This certificate will also be useful to professionals working in legislative or other policy positions.

Students completing this graduate certificate curriculum will:

  • Know and understand important figures, theories, and arguments related to bioethics.
  • Comprehend interpret, analyze, and evaluate complex philosophical concepts, claims, and arguments.
  • Write and speak clearly and competently on philosophical topics related to bioethics.