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Master of Science in Bioinformatics


Bioinformatics uses computational tools and applications to better understand and improve life. It is a discipline with tremendous impact and significant research initiatives in Indiana and at IUPUI.

Our Master of Science in Bioinformatics degree equips you to work on the frontiers of science, in industry and academia.

You'll combine your expertise in biology and computing to analyze massive data sets, conducting data-driven research in genomic or precision medicine, agricultural science, and other fields.

Bioinformatics faculty at the School of Informatics and Computing (SoIC) at IUPUI know that excellent candidates for our graduate degrees might have a wealth of experience in technology or biology—but perhaps not both.

Our faculty will help you select courses that build on your experience and elevate your skills—integrating informatics, computer science, information systems, math, biology, and related areas—to create a course of study that brings those skills into balance. We prepare our students to embark on successful bioinformatics careers.

Discover information about careers, degree funding opportunities, and more on the SoIC degree page.


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