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Chemistry (100% online)

Graduate Certificate in Chemistry

Offered at IU Kokomo by School of Sciences.


Interested in exploring and analyzing chemical processes and principles of organic and inorganic substances? Are you a high school teacher who wants to teach dual-credit courses? Have a lot on your plate and need a program that is flexible and convenient to you and your lifestyle? Consider enrolling in the online Graduate Certificate in Chemistry at Indiana University Kokomo!

While this 18-credit-hour online program comes with the ability to work on your studies on your time, it certainly doesn't sacrifice quality. Get an Indiana University education from the same professors who teach on campus! Build camaraderie with your online peers and continue your quest to develop an understanding fo multiple subdisciplines of chemistry. You will also begin to adopt a methodological approach to problem solving.

By the end of this program, you'll have the ability to break down chemical concepts and processes, design experiments and assignments to teach the concepts you've learned, and analyze chemistry related news with critical thought.

Now that the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) requires high school teachers to hold a master's degree in the field or a master's degree plus 18 credit hours of graduate coursework in a specific discipline, this program is for you! If you teach, expand your skills and understanding of the field with this convenient online program.