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Labor Studies (100% online)

Bachelor of Science in Labor Studies


This is an online program.

The Department of Labor Studies (DLS) offers a fully online university-level curriculum with full-semester and compressed-semester courses to fit the needs of traditional and nontraditional students. DLS graduates are well-rounded critical thinkers trained with a liberal arts foundation to value the well-being of workers, working people, and their organizations through skills and knowledge to support, strengthen, advocate, and promote the history and developments of the labor movement locally and globally with an emphasis on social and economic justice.

Students seeking a Bachelor of Science degree in Labor Studies must take 51 credit hours of general education courses, 33 credit hours from the IU South Bend General Education core courses, and 24 credit hours from the list of IU Indianapolis general education courses. As a part of these 51 credit hours, all students must successfully complete 12 credit hours from the Labor Studies Required Areas of Learning listed directly below. These courses can count toward the General Education core (30 cr.) or as general education courses (21 cr.).

  • ENG-W 131 Elementary Composition or ENG-W 140 Honors Elementary Composition.
  • One additional 200/300 level writing course
  • Labor Studies Major concentration (42 cr.)
  • Electives (27 cr.)

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